“So YOU Think You Can Move?” - Improv Dance Challenge - 


We will have an improv challenge at all 2020 MWTB regionals. This division will take place on the Saturday evening  for all Venues. Start time can vary depending on entries received. It can be Saturday Evening or Sunday around Lunch time. We will have it on Sunday if there are dancers under the age of 11.


There are 4 age breakdowns (all levels of ability combined for this category) 

8 & under 





Dancers must pre-register for this division prior to the Schedule being drafted and sent to studios. 


There is no limit to the number of dancers a studio may register, however they can only dance once in this category. 


Dancers will hear a mainstream song played for them prior to category commencement. It will be a 30 second to 1 min clip of a song (3 choices will be available for dancers to select from. These choices are selected by US). 

The dancers will then select an option and provide that selection A/B/C to our MC immediately after the song choices are played backstage. The audience will not know what was selected by the dancer until they go on stage and perform it. 


The dancers in AGE order will dance their improv piece to the best of their ability. Any discipline is accepted. Song choices will be selected to cover all discipline options.


The judges will then score them on 1st through the number of dancers entered in their age breakdown. 


Preceding the final dancer's performance, we will have a short break (10 min or less) to set up the stage and present the awards for this “showdown."


First place will receive a trophy and 1st - 9th runner up will receive an overall soloist medallion. If more than 10 in an age break we will split the category! 

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